Scandit: Air

Air travel with mobile computer vision

Computer vision can solve key air travel problems
Minimize Wait Times
Better Customer Experience
Upsell Opportunities
Lower Hardware Costs
Employees Empowered
Better Traceability
Air travel redesigned. Cost efficiently with mobile vision
At Home
Baggage Handling
On Board
Passport scan at online check-in
Passenger information
Mobile check-in
Boarding scan
Lounge access & Mobile POS
ID & Boarding pass check
Baggage tracking from check in to claim
Rerouted and misplaced baggage
Luggage scanning under the wing
Check in luggage the gate
Luggage search & find
Mobile point of sale
Parts tracking & maintenance
Boarding pass scanning
Inventory management
Passengers at home
Baggage handling
On board
Luggage Tracking
Mobile Check-In
Passenger Information Upgrades
Passport Scan at Online Check-In
ID & Boarding Pass Check
Passenger Information: Gate Assignment
Rerouted and Misplaced Luggage
Parts Tracking & Maintenance
Lobby Access
Passenger Information: Frequent Flier Discounts
Mobile Agents at the Gate
Luggage Scan Under the Wing
Boarding Scan
No-Show Luggage Search & Find
Inventory Management
Passenger Information: Connected Flights
Passenger Information: Frequent Flier Discounts
Mobile Point of Sale
Mobile Agents at the Gate
Boarding Scan
Scandit's value proposition for air travel
Improve experience of passengers
Increase sales & reduce costs
Better productivity & trackability
Minimize queuing and wait times
Provide more personal service
Offer accurate and real-time flight and passenger information
Find upsell opportunities thanks to access to passenger specific information while being mobile
Decrease boarding pass and luggage scanning hardware costs
Make customer agents more mobile and empower them with real-time information about each passenger
Introduce luggage scanning where it wasn't viable before
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