Optimize web and mobile customer experiences

Imagine you could look over your digital visitors shoulder to both visualize and analyze their behaviors beyond data, replay online journeys and get to the root cause of struggles and drop-offs

GLASSBOX digital behavioral analytics (DBA):

  • Improve online customer experiences
  • Provide freedom and agility to your business
  • Get peace of mind

Glassbox benefits

Speed up time-to-insight And time-to-value. By getting automatic insights our artificial intelligence and machine learning engine automatically identifies anomalies and alerts you. By breaking dependency on tag management solutions or IT — analyze events retroactively as well as onwards. By easily exporting identified issues and data for fast resolution — share insights with IT and remove the need to reproduce unreproducible errors
Optimize Forms. Use click maps to understand on which fields customers are spending the most time, which fields are left blank or being changed, when do customers drop, Etc
Generate new revenues and Improve Conversions. By unveiling customer needs via visual replay Know what you don’t know
View online customer journeys in real time. Automatically map trends and drill-down to individual sessions with visual replay

Glassbox solution features

Automatic recording
Capture all your website and mobile app session data automatically, without ever having to configure an event or tag anything, even when you update your digital channels
Money value reflected in everything, in real-time and with complete accuracy enables you to measure the business impact of every issue identified so your organization knows what to prioritize
Free-text reporting
Captured data is automatically indexed so users can create reports by using free-text and even retrieve historical data (E.g. elements that do not appear on a site anymore)
In-page analytics
Get insights into how customers actually engage with a page:
Click map
Changes to specific fields
Dwell time on page
Forms focus time
What % experience errors on a specific element of the page.

Automatic alerts
Use AI and machine learning to set up alerts with no manual configuration, drill down to root-causes and trigger actions (email, slack, exterior command)
Automated customer journeys
Online journey mapping across mobile and web. Provide visual insight & qualitative data into what is happening on your digital channels
Funnel studio and Exports
Behavioral patterns — E.g. drop-off rates, how/where/ when people abandon the site, drill down to session replays and improve Customer Experience.
Batch scheduled exports — sets of data can be exported based on defined parameters
Real-time exports — every single activity can be exported

Pii и pci compliance
Data can be configured to be masked or not, based on permissions
Enrich data by integrating with other systems and adding keys to the traffic –
E.g. End customer segment, web analytics keys, gender, branch customer belongs to, etc.
Web analytics
A/b testing
Campaign management
360 Customer view
Open system - connecting to your existing digital ecosystem

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