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Computer vision for modern healthcare

Scandit inside
Traditionally, IOT is all about connected devices with embedded computing and communication capabilities.

Scandit with its camera based vision technology brings the benefits of IOT in terms of improved efficiency and accuracy to the world of everyday workflows.
Scandit helps create value across the entire healthcare ecosystem
Assisted Living
Patient Verification
Inventory Management
ID Scanning
Medication Administration
Patient Verification
Medication Authenticity
Inventory Management
Asset Tracking
Medication Administration
Match Patient & Medication
Match Mother & Milk
Patient Verification
Surgery Kit Tracking
Inventory Management
Shipping & Receiving
Inventory Management
Blood Bag Tracking
Specimen Track & Trace
ID Scanning
Healthcare focus
ID verification / admissions
Patient verification
Medication tracking & administration
Surgery kit & supply tracking
Record and track blood bags
Specimen track and trace
Supply chain inventory management
Medication & supplies reordering
Shipping & receiving
Search & find: match patient & medication, match mother & milk
Asset tracking
Medication authenticity tracking
Scandit's value proposition
Increase patient safety
Reduce costs
Improve productivity & compliance
Reduce human error with AR based visual feedback & information
Add an extra layer of security when administering drugs or matching patients with samples etc
Fast access to patient/disease/ treatment information
Replace dedicated devices or sleds with Scandit software
Significantly minimize maintenance & support costs
Equip every employee with a scanner, thanks to lower TCO
Increase process efficiency & item traceability throughout the network
Empower employees to serve the customers/patients better & faster
Up to 40% for tasks like Receiving and Stock Taking with MatrixScan
Healthcare focused brands trust Scandit
Biotech / Pharma
Manufacturers / Medical Devices
Distributors / Supply Chain
Hospitals & Healthcare Systems
Software Providers

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