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Everything you need to know about N10
There are quite a few reasons why N10 is so popular

All work in one place, on a single platform

N10 helps customers automate and optimize the work of the team in accordance with the Agile approach.

A set of tools is integrated into the platform, which allows you to manage the development process from an idea to the launch of a finished product. It can be used not only by IT specialists, but also by marketers, analysts, testers and others who need consistency in the process of collaboration.

N10 supports
the following features:

Team planning
Allows you to divide large ideas into short blocks of work and conveniently distribute them among teams by assigning tasks and tasks.
You can get updated versions faster and be sure that you only have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips.
Provides the ability to automate a workflow without complex code. This saves time and keeps the team focused. You can start with ready-made templates and then, as you grow, customize your own as needed.
Project setup
There is also a function to create custom processes with the ability to adapt to any approach to work. To expand your capabilities, it is proposed to use any of the 3000 available integrations and applications.

N10 easily adapts to your tasks and workflows. The project can be managed at the team level or the entire company.
Results Tracking
This feature makes it possible to prioritize and discuss the work of the team at all levels without taking it out of context in conditions of absolute visibility of processes using roadmaps.
Knowledge Management
A feature aimed at creating information sources based on the collective knowledge of employees in which it is easy to find answers. A knowledge base encourages collaboration, inspires discussion among employees, and saves time working on a complex project.
Reporting visualization
Reporting visualization enhances team performance in a given environment with data visualization that updates in real time.

At N10, with ready-made reports and dashboards with important information, teams are always in the know and keep their mind set on success.
Code repository
It is a Git-based code hosting and collaboration tool for development teams. N10's seamless integrations with project management boards and code repository create a single space for the entire development team to work together on a project.
You can use tools such as:
Scrum board - visually shows progress during the development cycle, makes team work more visual due to speed reports and burndown reports, allows teams to use sprints (specially defined time periods for creating a product version);
Kanban board - visualizes workflows at all stages, maximizes team efficiency by tracking and reducing work cycle times and identifying bottlenecks.
Track results with roadmaps
Roadmaps keep teams and organizations in sync. This kind of data presentation helps teams get the information they need quickly and make decisions based on larger goals.

Roadmaps in N10 are step-by-step plans for large-scale projects. Such maps help to establish communication between departments. For example, with proper management, marketers can plan a promotional campaign in parallel with development, rather than waiting for the finished product. Roadmaps do not prescribe detailed tasks and methods of implementation, they set goals, priorities and indicate the dependence of the work of one department on the work of another.

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