Scandit: Telecommunications

Computer vision for telecommunications provider

Our Primary Value Drivers
Lower TCO
Replace single-use, dedicated scanners with Scandit
Reduce maintenance, support and training costs
Improve Productivity
Increase technician efficiency and throughput
Empower employees to assist customers
Increase Revenue
Create more consumer facing use cases
Reduce friction with in-store or mobile purchase experiences
Scandit's value proposition for telecommunications provider
The right material gets to the right customer site and correct shipments get sent
Material and goods can be tracked everywhere they are handled by workers
Human error is greatly reduced thanks to accurate tracking of each part going down the material flow
Each part is tracked down to the serial number and worker who installed it
serial number of a product where it is installed
the worker who installed it
Low-cost scanning hardware which is easy to introduce
Low-cost smartphones can be introduced for scanning of material and goods replacing hardware scanners as well as introducing scanning where it wasn't viable before
Any employee with a smartphone can quickly scan material and goods anywhere in the manufacturing process
Each part is trackable down to the
the customer who reported it
Equipment Information & Parts Tracking
Each part and equipment used during maintenance can be quickly scanned. Augmented reality feedback can display crucial information
Asset Management and Safety Equipment Check
It can be ensured all items have been checked and on place thanks to scanning barcodes and model/serial numbers of safety equipment

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