Glassbox и Appdynamics

Partnership empowers customers to understand the impact of performance issues on the digital customer experience and allows you to fix these issues—in real time.

Today Glassbox, a leading digital experience analytics platform for web and mobile applications, announced its close collaboration with AppDynamics. Together, they combine the world’s #1 Business Observability solution with Glassbox’s customer journey visualization tools to provide clear, actionable insights into business and application performance.

Through this partnership, global enterprises will be able to fully understand the correlation between technical issues and customer experiences, measure the real-time impact of errors on each user, and develop solutions real-time.

"AppDynamics and Glassbox offer a holistic view of the customer experience, which allows businesses to understand and visualize the real-time user experience and see how their back-end platform performance might impact those users. This point-to-point visibility enables organizations to prioritize issues according user impact and to address issues before they affect other users," said Yaron Gueta, Co-founder and CTO at Glassbox.

"We are excited to welcome Glassbox to the AppDynamics Integration Partner Program. This partnership allows our joint customers to boost their end-to-end experience monitoring by not only identifying all performance issues troubling their mobile and web experience, but see and understand how such errors affect each user individually and in real-time," said Renato Quedas, Director of Enterprise Architecture and Strategy at AppDynamics.