BMC Helix Discovery

Discover your assets and their relationships in minutes with up to 100% accuracy

BMC Helix Discovery is our cloud native discovery and dependency mapping offering which provides visibility into hardware, software, and service dependencies across environments. Each scan delves into the information and dependencies for all software, hardware, network, storage, hyperconverged infrastructure, and cloud services—providing organizations with the context needed to create an application map from any piece of information about it

Key benefits BMC Helix Discovery

Start-anywhere application mapping — Starts mapping an application from any piece of information about it
Discovery-as-Code — Provide framework and RESTfulAPI’s to plug Helix Discovery into your CI/CD pipelines
Continuous Content Updates — 15+ years of rich, monthly content updates
Open & Secure — No matter what solutions you use, there is a single trusted source of information leveraged by many different systems
4,000+ data center assets covered — Ensures that every component in your IT infrastructure is discovered and its dependencies are identified
Studies have shown a five-year average ROI of 470% for Discovery customers, with a payback period of only 8 months
BMC Helix Discovery has the broadest set of out-of-the-box patterns that provide instant mapping of compute, storage, network, and software—now extended to the cloud
SecOps teams can perform essential prevention and detection, including locating servers that could be back door entry points, quickly identifying applications affected by a breach, and running a quick scan for OpenSSL
CFI — Authorized Distributor and Elite Partner
of BMC Software for 12 years

Business challenge

As data centers transform to multi-cloud environments, new ways to deliver cloud native applications are being used to scale the business. These private and public cloud environments often have limited or non-standard means of communications and need to co-exist with legacy infrastructure and software. As a result, companies that don't have good visibility into how cloud native applications are implemented struggle in their digital transformation.
BMC solution
BMC Helix Discovery automates asset discovery and dependency mapping to better gain visibility into management of hardware, software, and services in multi-cloud and on-premises environments. It provides the trusted foundation for building application maps that enable digital transformation to be more aware, secure, and cost-transparent.

Principle of operation

Agentless, Lightweight, and Scalable
BMC Helix Discovery is delivered as a ready-to-run cloud native application. All credentials and firewall rules are local to customer and under customer's complete control. This allows organizations to get started very quickly with minimal effort to maintain.
BMC Helix Discovery provides a tightly controlled system in which only the essential utilities are installed. The virtual appliance has been hardened, complies with NIST STIG, and supports FIPS 140-2 encryption standards. The application offers granularity in configuring access rights, encryption, and depth of discovery actions.
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Integration
Helix Discovery offers seamless integration into BMC Helix CMDB with out-of-the-box, continuous data synchronization. In addition, BMC Helix Discovery offers web services and database integrations that can be used to synchronize the data with other CMDB technologies.
Reference Library
BMC Helix Discovery provides end of life information for common operating systems, hardware, and software. Quickly identify unsupported software and hardware and better plan for upgrades. BMC Helix Discovery assists securit operations in identifying dependencies associated to vulnerabilitie by providing Common Platform Enumeration (CPE) information provided by the National Vulnerability Database.
Hyperconverged infrastructure context Containers and Converged Infrastructure
Understand infrastructure dependencies on containers and container orchestration tools spanning IaaS, hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), and traditional compute. This helps pinpoint costs of running containers and provides better service awareness.
Helix Discovery for Storage
This content pack enables storage components from thirty virtual, physical, or distributed brands to be included in ITSM processes, enabling storage management teams to focus on more strategic work within their discipline.
Multi-cloud Capabilities
Discovery can map assets and their dependencies in a single pane of glass to represent data center, public cloud, and private cloud environments. It performs this deep discovery in a cloud-friendly way, leveraging APIs and agentless protocols.

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