BMC Helix Platform

Empower developers and business analysts to co-create innovative digital service management apps in the cloud

BMC Helix Platform is a modern, cloud-based development platform equipping developers and business analysts with the resources they need to quickly produce powerful enterprise apps that deliver a seamless user experience

Key benefits BMC Helix Platform

  • Cognitive micro-services framework: Learn and explore how AI and machine learning can help augment your service management apps
  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO): Create new applications using a single platform, so developers don't have to worry about multi-tenancy, databases, operating systems, application architecture, security, localization, or accessibility
  • Develop powerful, reusable connectors with integration service — Apps can communicate with the required thirdparty services and/or core systems
  • Boost revenue: Deliver IT and business solutions more rapidly, using fewer resources while increasing business competitiveness
  • Rapidly assemble applications — No-code/low-code environment, plus reusable code components can be used to generate custom workflows and consistent design patterns
  • Enhance efficiency and productivity: Deploy a consistent, optimized user interface across enterprise applications, fostering high adoption rates and shrinking training time
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Business challenge

In the new digital world, enterprises are faced with the challenge of innovating quickly while supporting multi-cloud environments. There is also increased pressure to provide highly compelling, cost-efficient solutions at the pace of business that can scale quickly to accommodate future needs. However, most application development platforms today require specialized skill sets and depend on IT resources. Without tools that enable business users to also participate in application development, IT quickly becomes a bottleneck, increasing the risk that impatient business users will resort to shadow IT. This can lead to incompatible apps, poor user experiences, and ultimately lost revenue.
BMC solution
Combining the power of micro-services-based architecture and REST APIs with the
simplicity of a drag-and-drop design, BMC Helix Platform empowers teams to easily collaborate on digital service management apps. With the new cognitive micro-services framework and integration service connectors, BMC Helix Platform delivers a new paradigm for rapid enterprise application development. Business users can create or tailor user interfaces, business logic, and data models using visual design tools based on business process modeling languages. Developers enjoy the freedom to create highly differentiated applications on an extensible, enterprise-ready platform using Java®, JavaScript®, AngularJS, HTML, CSS, or REST APIs.

Principle of operation

BMC Helix Platform provides the ability to create custom enterprise apps that meet the necessary scale, security, load,
and localization requirements of the world’s largest organizations. You can build your app once and empower your customers to skin, brand, configure, and enhance it without affecting the upgrade or support experience.
BMC Helix Platform includes six core elements that allow the business and IT to collaborate on enterprise apps:
A set of visual drag-and-drop design tools for business analysts to rapidly build and tailor enterprise apps, known as digital service apps


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