BMC Helix Configuration Management
Database (CMDB)

Provide a single, consolidated reference of landscape and service data to support business decision making

BMC Helix Configuration Management Database (CMDB) consolidates landscape and service information from multiple sources into a single, high-quality representation that your business can rely on to make better decisions

Key benefits BMC Helix CMDB

  • Highly adaptable — The industry- standard data model can be modified or extended to specific requirements
  • Reliable quality — Data quality and integrity engines configured through rules ensure normalization, data source prioritization, and deduplication
  • Relevant insights — Data visualization capability provides in-context views on your data, from simple CI view to impact simulation
  • Easily tailored to your organization’s needs
  • Improve data quality to support your business and service processes
  • Reduce risk associated with change
  • Increase your agility and business alignment
  • Understand the impact to consumers when service interruptions occur
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Business challenge

As organizations drive the adoption of digital services and face increasing demands from consumers of these services, they must understand the infrastructure they manage, the services they support, and who their consumers are. Given the increasing complexity and nature of services in today's landscapes, this can be challenging. Additionally, there are many sources of information to manage, including discovery, legacy spreadsheets, and tribal knowledge.
Bmc solution
BMC Helix CMDB is an end-to-end solution that processes disparate data sources into a single pane of glass. This allows organizations to reference a best-of-breed data repository for daily operations and strategic decisions to support their consumers and the business as a whole.

How it works

    • Comprehensive toolset for creating best-of-breed reference data store
    • Standards-based common data model
    • Manage disparate data sources to create a single reference for your organization
    • Visualize data in your BMC Helix CMDB with CMDB Explorer
    • Integrated with the Helix ITSM Suite to enhance and enrich your ITIL-based processes
    • Integrate with Java®, C, SOAP, and REST-based APIs to extend the data to your wider organization
    • Comes pre-enabled for use with BMC Helix Discovery
    • Service-centric structure provides true understanding of how infrastructure issues impact consumers
    • Empower your service desk with easy access to trusted data
    • Enable configuration management processes within your organization, providing the core toolset
    • Powerful data quality and integrity engines normalize and reconcile data
    • Create and manage the physical and logical relationships that comprise the services provided by and to your organization
    • Forms the ideal foundation for a broader configuration management system (CMS) by integrating easily to service management process solutions and multiple data sources
    • Key performance indicators (KPIs) illustrates CMDB health at any time


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