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The future of modern telecommunications
BMC can help you meet 5G infrastructure demands, operational transformations, and customer expectations in the fast-changing telecommunications industry
5G offers game-changing market opportunities, but success will depend on the ability of operators to deploy new technologies quickly, manage them effectively, and ensure both operational agility and efficiency at scale.

BMC can help meet these demands with automation across the software delivery lifecycle and synchronizing operations across services to provide a more seamless customer experience.
To help meet customer expectations, BMC provides operators with new ways to ensure service quality at the velocity and scale of modern 5G services. AI and machine learning now power automated processes for problem detection and resolution, change management, and dynamic SLA management. An increased focus on interoperability promotes easier integration and operation across diverse and complex ecosystems.
AIOps is redefining telecommunications operations. AI, machine learning, and data analytics make it possible to optimize and reduce manual activity across the remediation lifecycle. As a result, operators can manage a growing number of assets without increasing labor costs, free staff for more valuable activities, and deliver better quality for customers.
In competitive and fast-changing markets, operators must meet every customer expectation, from presenting a single face across services, to responding quickly to changes in needs, to delivering reliable, no-excuses service. With better decision-making, service assurance, and responsiveness, operators can ensure the best possible customer experience.

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