BMC Control-M

Application Workflow Orchestration Made Simple

Control-M's fully automated and event-driven workflows proactively prevent potential failures, delivering digital services on time, every time.

Complex application workflows? Problem solved.

Control-M simplifies workflow orchestration, making it easy to define, schedule, manage and monitor application workflows, ensuring visibility and reliability, and improving SLAs.

End-to-end orchestration across multiple clouds

Control-M integrates, automates, and orchestrates application workflows on-premises, and in public and private clouds, so your jobs and business services are delivered on time, every time. With a single unified view, you can orchestrate all your workflows, including file transfers, applications, data sources and infrastructure with a rich library of plug-ins. Easily provisioned in any cloud, Control-M leverages the ephemeral capabilities of cloud compute services.

Embedded in your devops toolchain

Using a Jobs-as-Code approach with REST APIs and JSON, within the CI/CD toolchain, workflows become versionable, testable and maintainable, so developers and DevOps engineers can work collaboratively. With Control-M Workbench, a no-fee, personal sandbox, developers can unit-test their workflows before committing to a code repository.

Simplify and scale data pipelines

Control-M simplifies the creation, integration and automation of data pipelines across on-premises and cloud technologies, allowing you to ingest and process data from platforms including Hadoop, Spark, EMR, Snowflake, RedShift and others. Because most data moves as a file transfer, Control-M provides a single interface to create, monitor and ensure delivery of files as part of your data pipeline.
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Workflow Orchestration That Meets Operational Standards

Control-M provides advanced operational capabilities easily consumed by Dev, Ops and lines-of-business alike, including:

  • End-to-end workflow connectivity – any application, any data source, and all your critical systems of record, mainframe to cloud
  • SLA management with intelligent predictive analytics
  • Auditing for compliance and governance
  • Logs and output capture and management
  • Proven stability with thousands of companies scaling from 10s to millions of jobs with zero downtime

Workflow orchestration in action

A company that owns thousands of vehicles has a business goal to reduce vehicle downtime by 40% with a predictive model to enable preventive maintenance versus costly emergency repairs. This challenge requires ingesting real-time vehicle sensor data analyzed with multiple historical repair data records using machine learning algorithms to predict a failure before it happens. Then the system must correlate vehicle location to service depots with parts availability, directing drivers to complete the preventative repair in route versus a roadside repair.
Control-M Workflow Orchestration

Put Control-M to work for you

Build multi-application workflows using a Jobs-as-Code approach. This allows you to build and test these workflows in a CI/CD pipeline.
Monitor and manage multiapplication workflows from a single point of control with full access to logs and output.
Business Users
Stay up to date on the status of critical services from a mobile app.


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