BMC TrueSight Operations Management

Assure performance and reliability of digital services to consistently deliver exceptional customer experience

TrueSight Operations Management is a turnkey solution that provides a comprehensive view of how key services are performing, so IT knows immediately if customer experiences may be impacted. TrueSight Operations Management helps IT teams merge operational silos and streamline efforts across technology domains, shifting focus from managing individual service components to delivering exceptional customer experience

Key benefits TrueSight Operations Management

Actionable intelligence — Gain insight with probable cause analysis, behavior learning, dynamic baselining, easy-to-navigate workflows, and visualizations
Proactive analytics — Discover behavioral and performance trends with automated event and log analytics, and prevent future impact with proactive notifications
User-centric performance — Understand application performance from an end-user perspective, discover root cause, and know the depth of impact with context views and service impact models
Mobile-ready — Built on HTML5 and responsively coded, the full solution is available on any mobile device
Reduce false alarms by 90% with probable cause analysis
Build simple application models in under five minutes with auto-detecting applica- tion context views
Find and fix problems faster enabling IT to focus on high-value activities and create lower TCO
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Business challenge

Customers' expectations for easy access to high quality digital services have created more operational complexity for IT. In order to deliver speed and simplicity on the front end, IT operations teams need to manage interconnected, enterprise applications and their increasingly dynamic infrastructure on the back end. Meeting customers' expectations means keeping up with the behind-the-scenes IT complexity inherent in delivering ideal end user experiences—or losing customers to companies that can.
BMS solution
TrueSight Operations Management provides a converged view of application and infrastructure performance across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. With visibility into web, mobile, and on-premises applications, TrueSight provides the insight IT operations needs to deliver high-quality digital services quickly and effectively enough to keep pace with business demands. TrueSight helps IT to ensure that the applications and services that drive the business continue to perform optimally by examining operational norms, automatically revealing abnormalities, measuring service impact, and proactively identifying risk.

Product details

Monitor the performance of applications, infrastructure, and middleware together
Take an application-centric view of infrastructure by combining end-user experience and application diagnostics with monitoring for servers, databases, storage, and other infrastructure technologies.
View application context dynamically
Automatically discover all tiers of an application and visualize application topology graphically. Monitor end-to-end performance from UI code execution to back end systems.
Reduce event noise with operational IT analytics
Learn normal behavior and alert on abnormalities to reduce event noise.
Get proactive with log analytics and root cause analysis
Use probable cause analysis and integrated log analytics to quickly identify root cause.
Understand the service impact of events
Collect events and create service impact models that visualize the health of the business services to prioritize problem resolution.
Prioritize and route incidents automatically
Connect the service desk and IT operations by automatically adding configuration items to the incident and routing to the right resource.
Automate event remediation and self-healing
Automate resolution in real-time for recurring events with out of the box workflows or customizable run books.
Smart Reports
Are easy to create and provide actionable insights into your data and IT environment.
Fast, flexible, efficient retention
Of long-term log data for full-indexed searching and analytics.

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