Search. Observe. Protect.

Accelerate results that matter, across any cloud. Easily deploy in your favorite public cloud, or in multiple clouds, and extend the value of Elastic with cloud-native features.

Elastic named a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: AIOps, Q4 2022

Elastic has been recognized as a Strong Performer in The Forrester® Wave™ AI for IT Operations (AIOps), Q4 2022 report.
We believe Elastic's commitment to a full stack Observability solution based on our powerful search, storage, machine learning, and data analytics capabilities helped earn us the highest scores possible in multiple criteria. Here are some highlights from the report:
In the report Forrester said:

"Capabilities such as anomaly detection, data correlation, and interactive modeling of large datasets are core to Elastic implementations."
"Its monitoring support for containers and orchestrators is comprehensive."
"Elastic pushes the limits of data management capabilities."

Elastic received the highest score possible in 13 evaluation criteria including:

  • Data Sources and Ingestion, Data Collection and Automation, Data Retention, Tiering and Rehydration
  • Mapping-General
  • Distributed Tracing, Application Diagnostics and Container Monitoring
  • Quantification and Validation, Discovery and Enrichment, Prediction and Probability, Dashboard and Reporting Capabilitie
  • Deployment Options

What's new in 8.3

With Elastic Security for Cloud, new cloud-native integrations, and the ability to search and replicate data across hybrid environments — Elastic 8.3 is helping the world's leading organizations to search, solve, and succeed in a cloud-first world.

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Search. Observe. Protect.

We offer solutions for enterprise search, observability, and security that are built on a single, flexible technology stack that can be deployed anywhere.
  • Run on Elastic Cloud, your way
    Run where and how you want. Deploy on Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services with Elastic Cloud. We deliver the complete Elasticsearch experience with flexible pricing.

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  • Search everything, anywhere
    Easily implement powerful, modern search experiences for your busy team. Quickly add pretuned search to your website, app, or ecommerce store. Search it all, simply.

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  • Observe your entire ecosystem
    Unify logs, metrics, traces, and more in a scalable stack that's free, open, and built for speed. Monitor every element in your infrastructure to quickly resolve issues and consistently deliver exceptional digital experiences.

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  • Protect against security threats
    Unify prevention, detection, and response to combat threats at scale. Operationalize any security use case: SIEM, malware prevention, threat hunting, cloud monitoring, and more.

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The products that started it all
All of our solutions are powered by the speed, scale, and flexibility of the Elastic (ELK) Stack.
  • Elasticsearch
    Whether you're looking for actions from a specific IP address, analyzing a spike in transaction requests, or hunting for a taco spot in a one-mile radius, the problems we're all trying to solve with data boil down to search. Elasticsearch lets you store, search, and analyze with speed at scale.

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  • Kibana
    Start exploring your data with stunning visualizations in Kibana, from waffle charts and heatmaps to time series analysis and beyond. Use preconfigured dashboards for your diverse data sources, create live presentations to highlight KPIs, and manage your deployment in a single UI.

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  • Integrations
    Surface valuable insights when you collect, store, search, and analyze your data. Using capabilities like Elastic Agent, Beats, or the web crawler, ingest data from applications, infrastructure, and public content sources with a multitude of out-of-the-box integrations to get started in minutes.

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Scale up your expertise
You’re up, running, and ready for more. From creating machine learning jobs to custom visualizations in Kibana, there’s way more to explore.
  • Best practices for successful customer service search
    An easy-to-use, intuitive, powerful search experience provides users with quick access to the answers they need. Learn more about how strong search leads to satisfied customers and helps prevent case escalation.
  • Improve responsiveness with distributed Elastic architectures
    Elastic makes distributed data an advantage rather than a problem to work around. Elastic Stack automatically distributes and replicates data across every node in the cluster for improved responsiveness and protection against failures. See demos for cross-cluster search and replication, making data scalable and accessible in distributed architectures, and connecting your distributed enterprise data in near real time.

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