BMC: Solving Manufacturing's Toughest IT Challenges

Establish a foundation for the fourth industrial revolution

Seize innovations enabled by Industry 4.0
By bringing the power of AI and analytics to IT Operations, BMC enables manufacturers to harness the potential of machine learning in driving iterative improvements to the ways they work
Maximize your manufacturing performance
Advances in AI are driving manufacturing modernization
The use of AI and enterprise automation lowers costs, reduces errors, enables faster execution, cuts mundane tasks for employees, and more. Manufacturers can embrace technology that works with people—not replace them—to free up resources for higher-value work
Better manage the lifecycle of mergers, acquisitions, and rapid growth
Mergers and acquisitions mean that manufacturers need to bring disparate groups of new technologies and systems together—fast. The technology challenges during a merger are numerous but having a foundation that enables end-to-end workflow orchestration with centralized asset discovery, configuration, and dependency mapping means IT organizations can better understand the workings of what they've acquired
Addressing the pressures of modern manufacturing
From running a lathe to managing a continuous improvement project to analyzing a data set to prevent defects, finding the right set of employee skills is a challenge. Maintaining your labor force at a competitive wage on a global, macroeconomic scale is another.

Data-driven manufacturing and automation have great potential to rebalance the cost equation and enable the reshoring of cost-effective, critically important manufacturing capabilities.

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